Michael Brown Charged with His Own Murder

Michael Brown Guilty

A young black man was shot and killed by a white police officer multiple times ….and now the cover up.  I am sure no one expected to hear the murderer say, “I am truly sorry and consumed with guilt.” So, like maybe every human almost on trial for murder, he says “I am innocent.” And if Darren Wilson is innocent, than according to Newton, Michael Brown would have to be guilty.

The Black Victim on Trial in the Media

The media began helping the Ferguson Police Department convict Michael Brown of his own murder before his killer could be brought to justice. How did the media do this? By strategically painting Brown as more of a killer himself than a high school graduate and college freshman.

When pictures surfaced on social media of Michael Brown holding money in his mouth, aiming a gun at the camera with plenty of blunts and liquor in the foreground with the caption “Here is your pillar of the community” or “I am sure you are proud” helps to prove that some people think Michael Brown’s life shouldn’t matter because he is a weed smoking, violent, alcoholic negro on his way to trade school.


Michael Brown “robbed” a convenient store ( just for cigars) right before his death.

The media respected the Ferguson PD’s wishes to delay releasing the killer, Darren Wilson’s information to the public as to protect the killer. This allowed the media to have a field day with Michael Brown’s character releasing a partial video of Michael “stealing” cigars (blunts) from a local store in his neighborhood.  Most of mainstream media reported that “Michael Brown robbed the convenient store and claimed that the store manager reported an “armed robbery!” Now, when I hear or think of the word “robbery,” I think of someone taking something from someone by force. I think of an incident more violent than thievery. If Michael Brown stole cigars from a store how is that robbery?

Is this not a repeat from Trayvon’s murder? He was expendable too and deserved to die because he stole skittles and an iced tea from the store in his neighborhood.


Amazingly, the full video of Michael Brown in the store released and showed that he purchased the cigars found on his body. Also, interesting, the store owner stated that he did not report a robbery on the day of Michael’s murder or call the police.


Michael Brown was a suspect or potential suspect in a recent robbery, which invited the police officer to harass him.

Early reports claimed the police were responding to a robbery in the area and Brown was somehow linked to the robbery. To generalize, at the time of the murder, Darren Wilson (killer), was questioning Michael Brown about the robbery before they were involved in a physical alteration which left Michael shot dead.


Michael Brown and his friend were walking in and down the street. The killer told them to get out of the street. And this is what makes it murder by racism folks. Why are you harassing this man? Really ask yourself if the young man’s skin was white would you have even bothered? A police officer generally concerned about the safety of citizens would not shoot to kill an unarmed man.


White people do not understand or acknowledge their privilege. 

As my own anger over another murder by racism case grows I searched for media that would tell me that white people did not care about black people and their traumatic experience living and being in America. But today and historically, this is simply not true.


Read A Mother’s White Privilege by a fellow blogger who truly and admirably gets it and understands that one of the best ways she can help heal the racial tensions and murders in our society is to educate her sons not to shoot.




2 thoughts on “Michael Brown Charged with His Own Murder

  1. Hm, i had not heard this side of things in terms of the robbery [not that it should matter in terms of how the rest of the story played out although obviously helped paint a specific picture of the victim in the media] and tough to know what to do but have written my own piece on White Privilege to hopefully get my friends and others engaging on the topic and working towards action: http://brettfish.wordpress.com/2014/09/03/im-not-sure-youre-against-that-thing-you-think-youre-against-white-privilege

    Thanks for this
    brett fish

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